Negative Kerala – Just A Perspective

Recently, I have been trying to market, or sell, my assets, or the landed properties that I possess in this wonderful state. Naturally, the best thing to do was to list them in the leading real estate portals. I did a quick write up on these properties/ villas, but what really surprised me was when … Continue reading Negative Kerala – Just A Perspective


A Tweak For Mallu Giri

Calling a Malayalee a 'Mallu' is analogous to calling a Gujarati a 'Gujju' or a Bengali a 'Bong' or a Tamilian a Madrasi. There is nothing derogatory about it per se. I, surely, do not mind being called one, but having said that Malayalee’s DO NOT like being called a Mallu. One of the reasons … Continue reading A Tweak For Mallu Giri