Thought For The Day

Much as I hate my politics, it is sometimes so difficult to not be dragged into it, as everyone is talking about the Elections in Karnataka at home, outside, television, WhatsApp, eMails... Bloody hell, give me a break! I try to leave my Politics in The Potty... thereby my view of politics is as good … Continue reading Thought For The Day


Chettan And The Firecrackers

It is sad…this fire-cracker ban…. I couldn’t remember a Diwali that I celebrated in School without fire-crackers. Much to the dismay of my family members, I am a self confessed fire-cracker freako! Besides, most of the Sivakasi Fireworks future owners (Sivakasi is the center of Fireworks, at least in South India) were our classmates, seniors … Continue reading Chettan And The Firecrackers