A Travel Guide to Tipping

That age old dilemma of what to tip in an unfamiliar country is solved for you with the below travel guide to tipping. Once you are armed with your new found tipping savvy, head off to our great locations to try it out. Essentially, a tip is given based on the level of service an … Continue reading A Travel Guide to Tipping


You Think That You Have Enough Time

Matt Cutt’s blog is one of the few blogs that I religiously check every morning.. Most people in my field have surely heard of Matt… and it’s terrible to hear that he lost his wife last week (RIP)…. This fortnight has largely been dreadful… it has brought a lot of us down to earth… Am … Continue reading You Think That You Have Enough Time

Chettan And The Firecrackers

It is sad…this fire-cracker ban…. I couldn’t remember a Diwali that I celebrated in School without fire-crackers. Much to the dismay of my family members, I am a self confessed fire-cracker freako! Besides, most of the Sivakasi Fireworks future owners (Sivakasi is the center of Fireworks, at least in South India) were our classmates, seniors … Continue reading Chettan And The Firecrackers