Thought For The Day

Much as I hate my politics, it is sometimes so difficult to not be dragged into it, as everyone is talking about the Elections in Karnataka at home, outside, television, WhatsApp, eMails... Bloody hell, give me a break! I try to leave my Politics in The Potty... thereby my view of politics is as good … Continue reading Thought For The Day


What The Hell Is Going On

Yep… you heard it right… the newscaster says that Tippu Sultan and Prithviraj Chauhan are sharing a Bloody Mary at Skyye, a popular local pub at Bangalore. The talk soon moved on to Mahabharat and the Internet. Geez guys! Please focus on what you guys do.

Cut The Baloney, I Just Want It Smooth

Time Magazine did an article on breastfeeding in May 2012, the now-infamous cover-shot of Jamie Lynn Grumlet nursing her three plus-year-old son. The mother and child both standing and gazing solemnly at the camera. Obviously, the first thought that would have come into your mind would have been… "What friggin’ misogynistic hell is this?" The … Continue reading Cut The Baloney, I Just Want It Smooth