Outsourcing And The Desi Dream

I have been toying with the idea of writing a book for some time…. However, I find it so difficult to come up with an idea, let alone a story! So, this is just a trial run… Here goes… When Gautam had come to US to do his Masters in Computer Science, he was chasing … Continue reading Outsourcing And The Desi Dream


When Harry Met Sally

The Royal wedding could cost taxpayers quite a bit... But, then again, we have humanitarians in our country…. who travel around the world… I don’t know where he is today… BACK in the USSR? Jokes apart, could Meghan’s wedding look like Princess Margaret’s, dubbed the most glamorous royal wedding in history. On 6th of May … Continue reading When Harry Met Sally

Let Sleeping Dogs Lie

I sometimes wonder whether dreams have a hidden purpose, and whether they are trying to tell us something. The prevailing theories are the Freudian theory that endorses hidden meanings to dream  themes and subject matter, and the Hobsonian theory that relegates them to manifestations of disturbed brain functioning. While the Freudian theory advocates that dreams … Continue reading Let Sleeping Dogs Lie