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What is Mallu Giri About?

This blog is not just about Mallus or about Kerala alone, but being from this part of the world, I thought it would be easier to write with the local parlance in mind!

Besides, whenever I feel the need to speak up for the state, or for the phenomenon that is Kerala, which most people outside are ignorant to, I do pen a blog post now and then… Of course, this does sometimes extend to its neighboring states, and the country as a whole.

Hence the name Mallu Giri.

While Mallu signifies Kerala, Giri is nothing but an add-on slangword, which implies a “trait or idiosyncrasy” in local slang. (However, Giri is not to be confused with a mountain or a fruit). In other words, Mallu Giri is nothing but a form of Mallu or Malayali Idiosyncrasies. Besides, the Mallu has this habit of translating most words into his local parlance.

In addition to this, there are also various subjects, and most of them are not the least bit Mallu related.

In simple terms, let’s accept the fact that factual truth is boring. So, this blog serves as a space for creative writing in a satirical, expressive form that is not exactly mean, and hopes to examine issues in an entertaining and humorous way, hoping that it enlightens and educates.

It also serves as a personal advertising board for the magazines and online publications that I write for, and whom I plan to write for, so that they could assess my writing. Apologies for the bit of self-interest, but one has to survive!


I am a content writer, through which I provide value, a service that goes beyond basic content writing.

This I provide through Marketing Affiliater, an online content writing blog that highlights subjects on content marketing, SEO, SEM, social media marketing, marketing tools, customized blog posts.

As a professional content writer, companies and individuals hire you for your content writing services. So, it goes without saying that you know how to write precise content, which is convincing as well as persuasive.

But, however proficient your content writing may be, what counts in the end is how much can your content contribute towards the growth of a client’s business.

In fact, content writing is just one part of the entire process. Besides, it just cannot be any content, it has to be relevant, exceptional content, which has to be nurtured, so that it is appreciated and read. For this, you need to ;

  • Have a clear objective of what it is that the readers want.
  • Then analyze, curate, and formulate good content marketing and SEO strategies,
  • Then come with the relevant context, so that the content would be understood,
  • Then identify proper distribution channels, and
  • Identify market trends, and formulate the precise content for social media marketing,
  • Then through copywriting, search engine marketing methods, improve the search engine rankings,
  • So that you are sure that it reaches the targeted consumer or reader.
  • Finally, occasionally manage and maintain the content, so that it is not obsolete, and that it is always fresh in the minds of the consumer.

This is what I do best!

In other words, through my content writing, SEO, and content marketing, I help my clients business grow.

My Qualifications and Experience.

I have a B.Sc. degree in Physics from Calicut University (obtained from the real Old Victoria College in Palakkad), but my knowledge of Physics is as good as Hon’ble Narendra Modiji teaching Albert Einstein the theory of relativity. Well everything is relative, let it rest there!

I have done unfinished degrees in Photojournalism (St. Xavier’s Mumbai), an unfinished MBA from SP Jain, Mumbai, an unfinished diploma in Unix and Cobol (when Cobol was actually cool!).

To put it short, the only Diploma I completed was an Export and Import Course from the Indo-American Society in Mumbai as it required to be present only on Sundays, after which I could either head for a beer brunch and a matinee movie afterwards.

Of course, there have been the usual few executive programs, marketing conferences, and exhibitions later on, but all I can remember about them was that they were fun.

Unfortunately, I also have the privilege of a private, boarding school, education… which I value more than my Graduate Degree… as it gave me the base to writing fluent native English content!

marketing affiliater

I also have over 18 years management experience in various corporate sectors that includes, Marketing, Finance, Human Resources, Project Management, Health Services, and IT sectors – and my last corporate executive job was the CEO of an Herbal Product Company.

But I try telling any of my nephews or nieces that…and they ask, and they snigger and say, what’s so great in that!

Bloody Hell! Why I ask them?

Shucks, we are gonna either start Venture Capital Companies or Social Media Companies or a Start Up or come up with some new App!

Times have really changed.

Well, I have over 12 years’ Writing Experience with SEO, etc.. across many Verticals.

Okay, Okay…. we need your help in the Content Marketing, Writing and SEO area. Perhaps, you do feel old after all.

So, today, my range of services include optimized content… viz., articles, blog posts, sales copy letters, promotional articles, features, breaking news, press releases, technical posts, technology, health & wellness, business and finance sectors, reviews on gadgets, movies, books, and new products, website content and sales copy, social media marketing (SMM), SEO, SEM on content or any content researched and written from the web… You name it and I will provide it for you!

I also provide articles similar to the ones found on this blog!

In addition, and if required, I try and help those who require high quality resumes, and cover letters.

That’s it!

Interests and Passions.

When I’m not at my laptop, I am an avid moviegoer, or trying out new gadgets or recipes… Or watching live sports, driving, or listening to music. I try to keep sane through reading and metaphysics… But, my dogs and my crazy mouser called Soap, makes sure that we remain insane!

I am also an avid supporter of the work-from-home, or working remote community.

If you have any writing/blogging requirements and would like to contact me… You can find my contact details here at…

Dhanyasree, Cherumukku Temple Lane, Chembukkavu, Thrissur – 680020, Kerala, India. 

Cell : (91)-99470-14938  or  (91)-79073-59248.


E-mail spandiath@yahoo.com OR pandiathshankar62@gmail.com


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