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What is Mallu Giri About?

This blog is not just about Mallus or about Kerala alone, but, being from this part of the world, I thought it would be easier to write with the local parlance in mind!

Besides, whenever I feel the need to speak up for the state, or for the phenomenon that is Kerala, which most people outside are ignorant to, I do pen a blog post now and then… Of course, this does sometimes extend to its neighboring states, and the country as a whole.

Hence the name Mallu Giri.

While Mallu signifies Kerala, Giri is nothing but an add-on slangword, which implies a “sort of culture” in local slang. (However, Giri is not to be confused with a mountain or a fruit.)

Apart from this, there are various subjects, and most of them are not the least bit Mallu related.

In simple terms, this blog serves as a space for creative writing in a satirical, expressive form that examine, enlighten, educate, entertain, and encourage.

It also serves as a personal advertising board for the magazines and online publications that I write for, and whom I plan to write for, so that they could assess my writing. Apologies for the bit of self-interest, but one has to survive!


I am a dengue fever survivor, an avid moviegoer/ watcher, wannabe gadget freak, obese foodie, who likes live sports, music, books, painting, cooking, metaphysics, dogs, and a crazy cat called Soap!

Professionally, I am a creative writer, content marketer, copywriter, content strategist, SEO and social media professional, blogger, article writer, and resume writer.

I have worked with several online companies, and have composed content on multiple verticals.

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The subject areas that I usually write about are online and internet marketing… content marketing, digital marketing, SEO and SMM (social media marketing), technology, health & wellness, gadgets, movies, books, and new product reviews, and business and finance sectors… In short, I enjoy web research and can write on most subjects that my client wants.

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Please feel free to reach out, if you require article/ blog posts similar to the ones that you see on this blog.

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Shankar Pandiath