Wham Bam Thank You Maam

This actually took place in the recently held “#Future Conference,” in Kochi, which was organized by the Kerala government to promote the state to IT companies and entrepreneurs.

In Nandu Nilekani’s own words…”all data, the digital trail that is available because of Aadhaar and UPI, is good because Indians will be able to sell or barter their information to get economic benefits.” He went on to add that in India people may be poor economically but have become data rich with the help of Aadhar and UPI.

Mallu Giri - Nandan Nilekani

At any rate, data is being plundered, sold and privacy rights being murdered globally…so, why not make something out of it.

Should keep the Indian quiet, albeit happy.

A little maamool or baksheesh via our data, and we are all happy!

You go to a bank and ask for a loan. When they ask for a collateral, all you got to do is to flash your Aadhaar card and pronto, it is approved.

The argument treats data like a commodity, disregarding some of the other facets such as privacy, dignity, and rule of law. It is akin to saying that poor women can sell sex for economic benefits and hence selling sex is perfectly all right. However, Nandu believes that once India has some data protection law, bartering personal data for economic benefit would give poor Indians a viable way to get goods and services.

More details here…

Way to go Nandu!



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