Lazy Smart People Make The Best Leaders

As a lazy, disorganized person, I have always maintained that lazy smart people make the best leaders.

Besides, I can never understand organized people.

lazy smart people make the best leaders - organized people are too lazy to look for things

Are you proud of yourself for being so organized?

I am proud of my chaotic mess. We disorganized people outnumber the organized ones by a long shot, yet the world keeps on turning!

Organized people like things a certain way. Their papers, bills, receipts all filed in to neat folders, and curated throughout the year in order to be perfect and ready when tax time rolls around.

Their smartphones and Google calendars all flawlessly outline their schedules weeks in advance. They have bookmarks and book spines are organized some way, either alphabetically or by color, and some even have both!

They even have draws for their “undies”!

Most of all, they know where their car and house keys are kept at all times. Some even have remote sensors attached to them. You have never felt the panic of losing anything. They have this anarchistic style of writing things down that they have to remember.

Come on guys… you guys are missing out on life!

Have you ever felt the passion and joy of taking off your pants and throwing them on the floor? Perhaps, keep the washing undone for a whole week… or let the dirty dishes lie in the sink, until the maid or your female side turns up? I have my unpaid bills all in magazines and books that are lying on my table (hopefully)…don’t know which bills are where, and which have been paid.

No, it’s obvious that you haven’t!

Aah, this is pure bliss… the pure enjoyment of disorganization!

Disorganized people have no sense of urgency, as they are already late!

Now how does this correlate to lazy, smart people?

Many people feel that stupid people are the ‘worst’ problem. (I would argue that intelligent people without integrity are even worse. They know the system, play politics well, and often end up in grey areas). With or without integrity, it’s easier to get rid of an unintelligent person than an intelligent one.

Simplifying greatly (and removing integrity from the equation), we end up with four combinations: stupid and diligent, stupid and lazy, intelligent and diligent, and intelligent and lazy.

One must beware of anyone who is stupid and diligent, as he must not be entrusted with any responsibility because he will always cause only mischief.

The next lot is stupid and lazy, and these guys make up 90 percent of every institution, and are suited to routine functions.

The clever and diligent should usually be assigned to General Management, as they would do well there.

So what happens with smart lazy people?

However, a person who is both smart and lazy is qualified for the highest leadership duties, because he possesses the intellectual clarity and the composure necessary for difficult decisions.

These people can be challenging to work with. They delegate and trust people to do their jobs. They don’t micromanage and they question. They avoid unproductive things (think meetings, paper shuffling, busy work). They don’t seek consensus because often that means more work, not less. They focus on a few key priorities. They don’t run around with solutions looking for problems.

lazy smart people make the best leaders - organized people are too lazy to look for things


Delegate, delegate, delegate and, always go online for common tasks.

Look into outsourcing tasks whenever possible… little tasks such as house cleaning, washing, getting cleaning done, paying bills online… all these shouldn’t take much of your time. As big daddy, Peter Drucker says, “Time is the scarcest resource, and unless it is managed well, nothing else can be managed.” If you resolve to place the highest value on your time, organization will soon follow.

Closing up, I maintain that I am an organized person because I am lazy. I don’t want to do things over again, waste time looking for things, or go out when I don’t need to leave my chair.

So, overall, laziness and disorganization isn’t that bad – QED!

What do you think?

Let me know if you feel that lazy, smart people make the best leaders.


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