Is Art There For Real Or Is it All Hype?

Great art does not require hype to thrive.

It is the new artists who are served by such hype. What art requires is a concentrated critical culture. The more noise that art makes, the less it matters.

(Please note that this post reflects only my personal opinion, and please feel free to disagree, if you so wish).

Artists must first have a vision, and with it a plan, on how to create that vision on a medium without compromising quality. If the artist can do that, and produce that as their own work, then that can be classified as art. Of course, there is no compulsion that somebody must like it, let alone buy it. They also don’t need any brand value or a reputation so as to give that art its value.

In short, it is just what it is. Actually, art is something that re-creates the soul and the inherent connection with the viewer.

Pablo Picasso - Art is the elimination of the unnecessary
Is Art There For Real Or Is it All Hype?

It is the critics and the artists themselves who are responsible for the current hype associated with art. However, to be fair, a large part of this problem is because of the critics who consider themselves as the final say in any form of art. It is these self classified pontificators, who classify a rudimentary finished product into a masterpiece, thus giving the product a brand equity, far more than it deserves. It is here where the marketing hype creeps in.

Personally, I reckon that if you intend to create art or recreate something, then it is better that you recreate it from a totally different perspective where you are able to express yourself, irrespective of the medium or the channel of expression.

In such a scenario, whatever you create is art.

Art and music is influenced by passion and emotion, sells mainly, because somebody or someone has an opinion about it, not because it has any inherent value.

To exemplify this a little further, most of Pablo Picasso’s oil paintings are purely oil on canvas. It would likely be considered junk for someone who doesn’t know or appreciates art, and sees only the material point of view. However if a media hype is created around a painting, then it is certain that its value and its sales will shoot up.

In other words, the bottom line is that a true artist is someone who enjoys his work, and not someone who does it for any other reason.

Hence, there is a very small line between what is classified as art, and what can be classified as hype. The market is actually art minus all other aspects. The so called aspects that comes with art is what that can be classified as hype.



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