The Modi Song

Since people consider Mr. Modi as the new Messiah, who will bring sweeping changes, I thought it was proper that I dedicated a small poem to him.

He won the 2014 elections with a huge majority and now hopes to sweep the 2019 polls with an even bigger majority.


Hence, Narendra Damodardas Modi (a.k.a Damodarettan in local parlance) definitely deserves his own tune. Hope this one suffices…

I am Narendra Modi,
a man of mystery.
I want to be your Prime Minister again;
and you know you can rely on me.

I shall continue to raise taxes,
but only for the rich.
Don’t worry that I may change my mind;
it’s not a bait and switch! (Wink)

I’ll ensure that the war in Kashmir is over.
the terrorists will not win.
There is nothing for you to fret about;
as Abbasi and Sharif are our friends.

The Doklam standoff was just a joke,
in fact, it was more of a T20 tie;
If there are any future problems from Bruce Lee,
all I have to do is to give The Donald another hug!

I shall continue to fix our economy,
even though it isn’t broke.
Relax; the Government can do it all.
Capitalism is just a joke.

I’m a clean, well spoken, Gujju Bhai,
with nothing much to say.
Wouldn’t it be grand that the liberal press,
Doesn’t get in my way?

I will continue to make India globally famous,
and ensure that the people world over, worship cows;
If not, I shall keep on globetrotting,
until they finally get down to doing it.

I’ll be a fabulous leader.
I’m handsome and my chest is quite broad.
While I have no talent for decisions,
the RSS can make them all.

So blindly buy my speeches,
come fall under my spell.
Let me run the Country,
and I’ll lead us straight to Hell!

With due apologies to Modiji… hope he takes this in the right sense, and at least try to make a diversion to paradise.





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