Why Working Remote Improves Productivity

I have been working remotely for the last 12 years and have always had a hard time to stop feeling as second-class citizen. It is apparent that remote work is here to stay, it is happening, and the employees are happier, if they are given the option to do it. Whether it’s the ability to … Continue reading Why Working Remote Improves Productivity


Rustic Yard Furniture

Rustic yard furniture is fast becoming a popular trend in home decorating. It not only helps create that feeling of simplicity, but has a warmth and sincerity apart from bringing elements of nature close to us. Making these functional sculptures can turn into a rewarding craft particularly for those who like handiwork. However, you require … Continue reading Rustic Yard Furniture

The Rise Of Indian Thought Leaders

Mahatma Gandhi endorsing products! I still remember being a bit shocked seeing Apple's 'Think Different' advertisement campaign in Silicon Valley a few years ago. It was initially disconcerting to see Bapu (as he is popularly known as in India) being used posthumously, to help sell products in a foreign land. Isn’t that branding at the … Continue reading The Rise Of Indian Thought Leaders

Let Sleeping Dogs Lie

I sometimes wonder whether dreams have a hidden purpose, and whether they are trying to tell us something. The prevailing theories are the Freudian theory that endorses hidden meanings to dream  themes and subject matter, and the Hobsonian theory that relegates them to manifestations of disturbed brain functioning. While the Freudian theory advocates that dreams … Continue reading Let Sleeping Dogs Lie