What Went Wrong With Mersal

It is a well-known fact that politics is merely a means to serve individual interests rather than that of the people. In other words, just about every party plays politics and misuses their power one way or another… and that no party is different from one another.

What went wrong with Mersal is that if the references were so ‘incorrect’, then why and how did the Central Board for Film certification (CBFC) clear the film?

There seems to be no logic in the hue and cry that was created…


Now I haven’t seen the film and I don’t have plans to either… in fact, Golmaal Again is more up my alley, and I still haven’t seen that…. After all, it is brainless… does not need much post movie analysis … just come home and hit the sack…

Back to Mersal…

From what I understand from the idiot box and the net is that, there is a scene in the movie where Vijay’s character brings up India’s GST and heath care in the country. Apparently, the BJP wasn’t too happy with the scene and tried to get it banned.

Unfortunately, it seems that the move backfired on them.

The real problem in such movies is that the claptrap dialogues mouthed by protagonist Vijay (or whichever hero it may be) may not withstand the scrutiny of fact-checkers, but will generally play well with the “GULLIBLE AUDIENCES” for whom nuance in narratives is an expendable luxury. After all that is what they are coming to see the movie for!

For the records, I am not a cost accountant and still don’t have the faintest idea of GST.

We tend to frequently eat out at restaurants, and if we have to pay less, then that only adds to the post appetite effect.

Incidentally, it was recently announced that GST was being reduced from 18% TO 12% FROM the first week of October, and I or we still have to benefit from that while eating out. When I meekly protest, the usual answer is… Sir, you know how long the procedures take and it has only been implemented on paper. Then, why in the world did they announce it?

Personally, I am sure it has been implemented and it is just that most, if not all the restaurants are having a free ride, as none of the people understand it, not ask or complain about it.

During the old days, we had X tax, Y tax,  Z tax and  a VAT on top of it, and it usually came more or around same what we are paying now…. However, just everyone was happy, because no one knew what these were and where it was going…

Why does Mr. Jets and the government have to educate people about it?

It is the complexities of the GST framework that have bamboozled not only the domain experts, but instead it has opened the space up for ill-informed commentary with pseudo-intellectual pretensions to masquerade as pop-sociological critique.

Obviously, Mersal fills that space with a slick storyline.

And predictably, the State unit of the BJP (in fear of their high command) called for the politically sensitive dialogues in Mersal to be censored. This is nothing but ham-handed and obviously people would see It as a disdain for freedom of artistic expression.

After all, the doctrine of free speech dictates that Mersal has a right to be wrong.

To make matters worse, the local BJP leaders’ gave the entire controversy a communal hue by pointedly alluding to the lead actor as ‘Joseph Vijay’, insinuating that the BJP is the target of a Christian ‘hate campaign’.

Now, who will this affect?  It is the job of the BJP high command to pull up these misinformed, illiterate local leaders. I know it is a bit on the harsher side, but if they don’t they would just end with egg, if not cow-sh*t on their faces.

It is such prickly leaders that is the reason on the reasons for the GST’s unpopularity and why even half-baked on-screen criticism resonates thunderously with audiences.

As a closing line…

Unfortunately, while the film Mersal and Vijay is being criticized by the BJP for wrongly depicting GST, a lot of other people, including Shashi Tharoor and dignitaries of the Indian National Congress (INC), stepped up to back the film.

This made the entire saga a total joke.

Some of the skeletons in the INC closet have been brought out and the stage is now set to become an all-out media war. More details on that can be found here.

All we now need is a Mohanlal and Vijay (no offense to them) movie, on how power corrupts people…and hence we have to accept a villain in every hero.





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