Visting Amman And Jordan

Travel to Amman, Jordan and discover a city that mesmerizes you.

Jordan is a Kingdom steeped in history and culture. All around you are remnants of ancient civilizations that have long since passed, yet they remain… The sense of its rich heritage is evident from the moment you land.

Please note that I had visited Jordan ages ago, and a lot of documentation processes must have changed by now…so please check with the Jordanian Tourism Board before traveling.


Anyway just a visit in to the past…

A city which captivated ancient travelers, Amman continues to mesmerize a whole new modern generation with its ancient souks, Roman ruins and monuments. The busy market shops are worth visiting especially for exotic herbs, spices and seasonings. In short, Amman is an unique destination that offers mysterious sights, exquisite cuisine and countless activities that rejuvenate visitors.

The months of June and October are the best time to travel to Amman when temperatures range between (25C to 30C). There is rainfall during all other months and the period from November to March can be a bit chilly. Amman is 2 hours ahead of GMT (minus 1 hour DST).

Queen Alia International Airport, located south of Amman, is the entry point for travelers. It is served both by bus and taxi services. Indian travelers, like most International travelers can obtain a visa at the airport counter, if they have not already done so from the Jordanian Consulate at home. Visas are generally valid for two weeks. Travelers can also enter Jordan via bus, train or car via Syria.

English is widely spoken and to a lesser extent so is French, German, Italian and Spanish.

Amman has many fine hotels and an active nightlife. The restaurants offer food ranging from Arabic to international specialties. All hotels have qualified travel agents to handle any travel needs. The Dead Sea, which is the lowest spot on Earth, is an essential place to visit.

The Ministry of Tourism/ Jordan Tourism Board can help Amman holiday makers with restaurants, hotel reviews and other holiday queries. Women are advised to dress conservatively and skirts, sandals and slippers are not recommended.

The Downtown Visitors’ Center provides help on accommodation and last minute hotel reservations.

There are so many places to visit that it just wouldn’t be right to mention one or two and give you a wrong picture of Jordan.

For a detailed list of places, please visit the Jordan Tourism Board’s, Where To Go Page.

There is also a list of Tour Operators, highlighted there, which makes your search for local help easier.

To put it simply, your Jordan and Amman holidays are an experience that is not to be missed.



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