A Tweak For Mallu Giri

Calling a Malayalee a ‘Mallu’ is analogous to calling a Gujarati a ‘Gujju’ or a Bengali a ‘Bong’ or a Tamilian a Madrasi. There is nothing derogatory about it per se.

I, surely, do not mind being called one, but having said that Malayalee’s DO NOT like being called a Mallu.

One of the reasons I started this blog was to ask Mallus to be a bit more tolerant towards the word “Mallu”…as it easily helps classify Malayalees….

Just imagine calling Malayalees, whenever you wanted to refer to Malayalees or Keralites…wouldn’t Mallu be easier ?

Mallu Giri - Malayalee not Mallu

Yes, easier, only if a Mallu calls another Malayalee by the term Mallu, but it is obvious that we cannot tolerate communities  from other states, referring to us by that catchphrase.


The problem arises because a cross-section of people have a very different view of the word ‘Mallu’.

Just Google the word ‘Mallu’ and you’ll understand what I’m trying to say.

Less said the better…. (No, I am not going into details about Sunny Chechi!)

What I mean is that Google searches portray Mallu as a hot Mallu Aunty being f*cked (pardon me, that may seem titillating or tantalizing to many people outside Kerala)… but for the records, Mallu does not mean that.

Google First Page search displays a series of hot porn videos by Mallu Aunties!

Maan, one would think that Mallu aunties have no other better work, but sit at home and take porn videos!

If not for the Malayalam movie, “Mallu Singh,” the entire first page on Google for a search on Mallu are porn videos.

The only other reference is that the popular actress Sai Pallavi who acted in the Malayalam blockbuster “Premam” stating that she hates being called a Mallu!

The second page is a bit kinder…we have the Brazilian singer “Mallu Magalhães.” But the who in the world from Kerala, knows about, Miss. Magalhães.” Say, Neymar (not Nayinde Mon), people understand you!

So, it is not surprising that Malayalees are hesitant in being called a ‘Mallu’.

Besides, people from other parts of India, generally don’t understand that Mallu actually refers to a Malayalee, and therein lies the problem.

So, you have to correct them, (or else, Google would do the damage!)

Then of course, there is the term Malabari… perhaps a little more refined I suppose… and being from the Malabar region it isn’t quite surprising they call a Keralite or Malayalee or (Mallu) by that term.

In Sri Lanka, my friends used to call me a “Malli,” (little did I realize, that it meant a younger brother and not Mallu)… And I thought Gosh, these guys here really love us!

The other day when a friend said that Gujjus seemed to be everywhere… my pride was a bit hurt… Now we have opened chai-kadas on the moon, and they say that Gujjus are everywhere.

Regardless to say, common sense prevailed, as I thought to myself, why argue with him…as just about everyone who is running the country today, is a Gujju!

Incidentally, for kicks, what do you call a Malayalee Gujju?  I thought Gunju, would be nice, perhaps … Or Manjju…even better!

As they say, never let a Mallu’s imagination run wild!

Nonetheless, I have decided to tweak a few of my titles that include the word Mallu, and perhaps change it to Kerala… as that would greatly help my SEO predisposition as well as my blog.

Or else, the blog would end up as a Mallu Whanker searching the net for a Hot Aunty!


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