Where Do You Go To My Lovely When You Are Alone In Your Head

We all live two identities, but are afraid to openly express and live the other identity, because of the social ostracism that we may have to face.

I decided to write this, where I interconnected my Dr. Jekyll identity with my alter ego, Mr. Hyde, and found it rather thought provoking.

People always speak about their forever non-dominating, non-controlling, and non-resistant Dr. Jekyll sides, but never their alter egos. Therefore, I thought it would be unfair if a piece was not written for Mr. Hyde, (pardon me if he resembles any living character, as this was written out of pure Saturday blues, and some excess malted barley water for company!).

Jekyll & Hyde
Jekyll & Hyde Together

Mr. Hyde is a control freak and does not like being laughed at!

But then, control dramas, never work the way that we want.

Even with a child, control tactics will only meet with resistance. You are not running a boot camp, you could be running an organization, perhaps even a country.

Is There A Way Out?

Begin with trusting employees, who by nature, want to do good work. Always be available to guide and provide them advice, if and when necessary.

You have to also realize that it has become increasingly difficult to function with virtual images these days. As a result, psychic communication is increasingly becoming passe.

Hence, most visions end up as hallucinations. As a result, people who end up trying to execute their visions, eventually fail. It is the ability to distinguish the vision from the hallucination that really matters.

This is the reason that people fail to realize, that, it is a thin thread that separates Mr. Hyde with Dr. Jekyll, and one slip could easily end up classifying Jekyll as a Mr. Hyde!

Hyde Levels
An Analysis Of Your Hyde Levels

Now returning to where we started… most of the market today, works on AI (Artificial Intelligence), which incidentally works on a funny code. That is, a 1, 2, and a 1, 2, 0 standards. More like a binary code in computer jargon.

For somebody not quick on the uptake, and not familiar with the binary code, you will surely be lost!

Is There an Alternate Way?

NLP or neuro-linguistic-programming should be a lot more organized… as few seem to understand it.

Now did someone say something?

Yes, I heard it… you said something!

Must make an appointment with my psychiatrist!

So, how do we solve this?

Now let us create A as the demand, and B as the supply, and C as the constant, so that whenever there is a break in communication we can always move over to the other side. In other words, you have to know both sides…

Oops, ego beckons…. Let us bathe in it… or else one cannot control the neurotic… I mean Hyde!

Where Does The Male And Female Elements Fit In Such A Process?

One of the hottest ideas in today’s minds, or let me put that it in a better way “the current market mindset” is driven by female masturbation…

Personally, I have nothing against it, nor in anybody pleasuring herself, it is just the fact that I don’t own a vibrator store, or else, I could have at least made a killing out of such a market mindset.

Leaving bad investments and dreams aside, if this mindset continues we can definitely expect many ideas to “flow.”

The most interesting and humorous aspect is that the female community is going at it with no “hang-ups” let alone, any qualms in discussing it. It is just another “finger in the pie” aspect. Worst case – fingers in different pies, at least from their point of view.

They do not even need a Gynecologist these days.

Does this mindset extend to the male species, some of you may ask.

Most definitely, the male has been at it for centuries.

Unfortunately, this turn of mindset has been quite shocking for the male member. He for one, has never thought of competition from the opposite species. In a way, the male member has lost its usual regalia and position, and as a result needs some coaxing to even to get in to his previous position, let alone get going…

The jamming is so much that he misinterprets any ideas and as a result, he ends up in the manhole… this for sure is not the right path to ecstasy.

It’s funny that all this while, the male species have had their fingers in any hole they could find and suddenly, they are out of a job and landing in their own.

Absolutely a drastic thought…

We need a change…

They are even making movies about it in India.

“Toilet Ek Prem Katha!” (Toilet, A Love Story)

Now, Where Do You Go My Lovely When You Are Alone In Your Bed?

After the glitter fades, beneath the leather and lace, we are just scared, trying to learn how to love, amid the gaudy after images. And, when darkness falls, and we crouch naked and are alone in our slack, aging bodies, snuffling with fear, and snarling at the grinning phantasms of our toilet-flushed dreams, with a fistful of pills to keep us company.

For starters, we could try and think the opposite, with their members and the male manhole.

Masturbation apart, let us take on another issue – to use our ability to laugh.

It is the most powerful thing that we have been given, and it is our greatest gift, especially if we can “laugh at ourselves.”

When you make fun of what frightens you, you get a mastery over it and gain control.

So go ahead, act silly.

When you throw your head back and laugh, you are not thinking of anything else.

So, here is your anecdote for the day…

It is a beautiful spring day and a man and his wife are at the zoo. She has on a close-fitting, low-cut, summer dress with spaghetti straps. As they walk through the ape exhibit, and pass in front of a very large gorilla, it goes agape.

He jumps up on the bars, he grunts, he pounds his chest. He is obviously excited at the sight of the young lady in the sundress. The husband, noticing the ape’s excitement, suggests that his wife tease the ape a bit.

The husband suggests that she pucker her lips and wiggle her bottom. She does, and the ape gets even more excited, making noises that would wake the dead.

Then her husband suggests that she let one of the straps of her dress slips down. She does, and Mr. Gorilla nearly tears down the bars.

Her husband suggests she lift her dress up her thighs and she does. This drives Mr. Gorilla absolutely nuts.

Then quickly the husband grabs his wife, rips open the door to the cage, flings her inside with the Gorilla, slams the door shut and gleefully rubbing his hands together says.

Now, tell him you have a HEADACHE!

Laughter is the best thing you can do for your health.

“The old saying that ‘laughter is the best medicine,’ definitely appears to be true when it comes to protecting your heart,” says Michael Miller, M.D., director of the Center for Preventive Cardiology at the University of Maryland Medical Center and associate professor of medicine at the University Of Maryland School Of Medicine. It not only protects your heart, but also prevents a stroke!

So, go ahead and laugh at yourself, and appreciate the importance of laughter.

You Can Run But You Can_t Hyde
You Can Run But You Can’t Hyde

(With due apologies to the late Peter Sarstedt)…

Where Do You Go To My Lovely When You Are Alone In Your Bed… I Know The Thoughts That Surrounds You, Cause I Can Look Inside Your Head!


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