Welcome to Kerala

Having being born in Kerala (in other words, a Mallu by birth)…it isn’t surprising to note the level of political participation that exist in Kerala

So, people assume that a mallu is either a commie (communist), congress supporter, or anti-hindu or anti-BJP…

In fact, Keralites are nothing like that…

I would also like to put some things straight…

It is the nature of the Keralite or the Malayalee (and being a Mallu, I cannot help that though, you got to blame my parents for that!), to be involved and enjoy satire.

Laughing at yourself is the best thing one can do… Any leader, who can do that, deserves to be a leader (be it any party).

Complaining that people are making fun of you is the last thing you should do…if you do that, the media will get you…

Worse off, is to make fun of other people or parties, so as to hide one’s shortcomings…

Sarcasm and satire is one thing, passing rude comments is another.

I admire people, who have different ideologies…as long as they can convince you that they are right!

Keralites love to talk politics, particularly at the roadside chai-stall…It is interesting listening to them and be at awe at their knowledge of local and national politics.

Anyway… sometime back, I read the “Shiva Trilogy” (which, I am sure most of you would have)… If you haven’t, it is a must read.

Just a few lines on it (no, I am not promoting it).


It is a series of three fantasy myth novels written by Amish Tripathi. He has managed to create a story around one of the most revered gods in Hindu mythology – Lord Shiva, who is portrayed as a simple human being… and who, by the end of the series becomes a friend to the readers because they can identify with his humanity.

Absolutely fascinating!

What we need are leaders who can become genuine friends to people through their humane qualities…. though their ideologies, be it commie, congress or the bjp…

If so, let that party win…

Welcome to Kerala, my friend…


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